Athlete Auto-mini Bike

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Key Features

To improve your fitness while at home or in the office. The Athlete Auto-mini Bike easily fits

under a desk or table to provide an excellent leg workout. Place the bike on a tabletop and use

your hands to tone and strengthen your arms and shoulders. Now! Start to enjoy the benefits of a

healthy exercise program – without jarring impact on your joints or uncomfortable stress and



1. Quiet DC motor driven system.
2. Compact body and Lightweight.
3. Remote control: Simple and easy to operate.
4. 30 Minute timer switch: 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 25min and 30min.
5. Multi-function LCD display: Time, distance and calories.
6. Adjustable 15 speeds: 6 rpm to d 60 rpm.


1. Strengthen arms and legs.
2. Relax tense and aching muscles.
3. Enhance the burning process of body fat.
4. Promote blood circulation.
5. Increase metabolism.

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